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10 Best Tips to Remember While Hiring a Marketing Agency for Instagram Growth


The infusion of social media has altered the marketing structure. All the top companies are concentrating on raising their brand awareness by promoting their product on various social media platforms.

After Facebook, Instagram gathers most interaction on its posts. Due to the visual appeal,this social media platform has an edge over other platforms as images tend to grab the attention of a user very easily.

The idea of promoting your brand through various social media sites is promising but implementing the effective strategy is not that easy. Hence, it should be delegated to the professionals. They would help you gain the most advantage by using Instagram as a marketing tool.

Now, hiring a social media marketing agency to ensure your Instagram growth can be tricky too. It seems a lot of people these days would “rather do it themselves” though. Ever wondered, how do I buy instagram likes? Services like Buzzoid make that super easy… but sometimes you need more than just likes. That’s where we come in. However, we are here to help with some tips to ease your selection.

So, whenever you are on the verge of hiring a marketing agency, keep in mind the following points –

  1. Did they do their Homework?

Interacting with any agency will reveal their true purpose. Are they genuinely interested in boosting your Instagram growth? If so, then they must have learned about your business. Else, it would seem that they are only trying to pitch their usual sales rep. This self-serving approach can be detrimental towards your brand’s growth.

If they did their homework, they will definitely show you some projections or strategies they would want to work on for the betterment of your Instagram growth.

  1. Find out their USP

There is undoubtedly no shortage of social media marketing agencies right now; a simple Google search can validate this statement.

Learn what the agency identifies them as.

  1. Do they cater to digital marketing or only specialize in social media marketing?
  2. How are they different from the rest?
  3. What is their USP?
  4. What would they offer that the other agencies won’t be able to provide?

Answers to these questions will be vital in your decision making.

  1. Experience

Experience matters, no matter what the field is. A seasoned agency is probable to deliver better results. If they have experience, ask them to show samples of their previous works. If not, find out what other businesses they have worked on. Ask them about their current clients. Make sure if they are understaffed and if they will be able to deliver within the stipulated timeline.

  1. Measurement of success

The agency you are going to hire would have some key responsibility area; make sure they are aligned with your goals. Define your desired success and ask them to prioritize on them so that both works on a common goal.

Scope of work should include –

  • Improvement in social media reach
  • More engagements and lead generation
  • Increase website traffic
  1. Content Creation

Enhancing growth in social media platforms like Instagram can’t work without generating high quality content. Confirm if they provide the same; also, enquire about their content development process.

Find out if they outsource their work. How do they conduct the surveys and research! This would help you get a brief overview of the process. Ask them to share contents for case studies too. Go through them and check if they are for mindless engagements or can they really add some value to your purpose.

  1. Contact & Communication

It is very important to keep in touch with the agencies for day to day operations. Check if they are easily accessible through different mediums. Take a note of their response time because nowadays, it is crucial to get things done promptly.

Again, monitoring from your end is vital; note that, monthly reports won’t suffice anymore. You must take daily or weekly reports as platforms like Instagram need real time changes to be implemented.

  1. Strategy

To achieve better growth, an effective strategy needs to be deployed. For that, consultation with the agency is essential. The agency should project their ideas to you before implementing it and once you agree, they should execute the same. Also, they must be flexible to modify their ideas if they fail to work and find a decent solution.

  1. Price

Every social media marketing agency has a different package. Check if it fits in your budget structure. Also, don’t finalize the deal with someone who offers the cheapest deal; most often, they are unlikely to give outstanding results. Instead, settle for the one who offers competitive rates along with high quality assurance.

  1. Check practical examples in hand

If you are hiring an agency to improve your Instagram growth,first, check their Instagram page along with other social media sites.Here are some points you may note –

  1. How frequently do they post?
  2. Are the contents noteworthy?
  3. Check the likes and comments too.

If they are not up to the mark or inactive, then probably the agency would not be able to produce desired results for you. If they can’t use their services for their own benefit, it is not unlikely that they will fail to reach your achievement too.

  1. Online Reviews

Feedback from the other users holds a lot of gravity; especially when platforms like Instagram are subject to public interaction. Go through various reviews from the sites they promote themselves. Note down the pros & cons and present them to the agency and see how they handle them. Also, find out if they maintain a good PR and how they respond to issues that are worrying.

In 2018, the world is moving ahead at a rapid pace. You need to keep up with them; otherwise your brand will be lost amongst the sea of other brands. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. This is the reason every top brand is now hiring marketing agencies to excel in Instagram and other sites.

The points mentioned above can help you decide on an efficient agency, however, these are not the only ones. All these are to give you a head start. You can also brainstorm and figure out some more queries as per your requirements. Finally, hope you will take a prudent decision that would help in ameliorating the growth of your Instagram posts. Good Luck!

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