From guest blogs to social media posts and now images, online brand marketing has come a long way since the inception of fast internet. Today, digital marketing stands as the spinal cord of all successful online brands striving towards gaining virtual prominence. While Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have been the key players in the market till date, Instagram, the new addition to the family, is also gaining grounds quite prominently.

In a nutshell, Instagram is an image/video posting and sharing site supported by the right hashtags. It aids a venture in promoting their services and amenities through the efficacies of a visual medium. However, in 2018, a bulk of successful and yet to be successful ventures still aren’t aware of the true benefits of Instagram.

So, this article will ponder on the benefits which a brand not present on Instagram is missing out on.

Brand visibility –

One of the foremost benefits enjoyed by any brand on Instagram is escalated visibility. Statistics say that images and visuals are 64% more attractive than textual or blog promotion. In this respect, posting appealing pictures on Instagram will not only increase the number of followers, but will also –

  • Create a brand presence.
  • Provide opportunities for third party platform promotions.
  • Develop a revenue generating opportunity.

In addition to this, Instagram provides opportunities for brand linking allowing your customers to visit your website; thereby escalating your potential customer base.

Go free or paid –

Instagram, initiating as a photographer’s hub, depends substantially on the utilization of hashtags. Precise hashtags related to the content can uphold a post to multiple channels allowing for free or organic promotion.

However, in case you are a brand not on Instagram, then you are missing out on the efficacies of sponsored posts. Paid promotions at affordable packages enable you to apprehend a greater target audience. For instance:

Your daily organic posts are garnering you a response volume ranging from 200-300 likes per post. However, by opting for paid promotions, your content will have the potential of receiving close to 1000 likes per post.

Instagram Stories –

As of 2018, stories have become the stepping stone to success in this photo sharing platform. Instagram stories allow users to embellish a noteworthy happening to its crowd and remain live for 24 hours. Stories can range from:

  • Announcement of a new post.
  • Unveiling of a new product or service.
  • Impressive giveaways.
  • Daily engaging posts.

Note: The Instagram algorithm has proclaimed their stories as a segment of the highest priority. So, by being absent on Instagram, your brand is losing out on a substantially active audience.

Direct Interactions –

Who doesn’t like the idea of receiving direct feedback from its clients? Well, Instagram similar to Facebook or Twitter allows you to do so. You can choose to go live on Instagram which can cover a significant corporate event or may be a casual interactive or Q-A session with your clients.

Irrespective of the approach, going live lays key to promoting your visual presence on Instagram. So, stop thinking and download Instagram from Google Play Store or App Store today. Your invaluable clients are awaiting your presence.