Asides from purchasing instagram likes, here are some other strategies you can use to boost brand presence:

Instagram started its journey as a trendy social media app with a view to sharing photos. Since then, it has evolved as one of the most popular social networking sites today with an increasing number of users daily.

This rising popularity has prompted marketers and business planners to step into this world and use Insta as a weapon to promote their business. In the last 2 or 3 years, many start-ups have found their way of endorsing their trade which has reached target audiences, ultimately giving a boost to their business.

Now, to conquer and make a mark on a social networking site like Instagram, you need to implement strategies which can convey your brand message to the target audience effectively and attain your objectives.

Here is a list of strategies you can follow to promote your business on Instagram.

A proper theme:

Your Instagram profile should reflect the tone of your business. With intriguing captions and photos, express your company’s mission and objectives that will leave a mark on the audience’s mind. You can also conduct a research about what your target audience expects from your business so that you can post relevant and engaging contents.

Photos and Videos

One way to attract target audiences is to post engaging photos and videos. A short creative video about how your company works or “behind the scene” videos can earn you trust among the audiences.

Other features like boomerang can bring a fun element to your postswhich can be an attention grabber as well. Instagram stories that stay for a short span of 24 hours can be used to make a combination of photos and videos with a relevant link to your website. This is a viable option to invite traffic and convert them into customers.


To make an impact on your follower’s mind, try posting regularly and frequently. Being active on Insta will help you earn trust as well as create brand recognition.

Also, use relevant hashtags that can help you reach out to a larger audience base and make you visible on a larger platform. It also invites more traffic from around the world.


As you are posting different contents, don’t forget to interact with your followers. Answer their queries and grievances to bridge the gap between you and your potential customers. This will also increase brand loyalty among them.


Another way of increasing your profile visibility is to collaborate with the influencers of Instagram. If your business is related to fashion, build partnerships with them and get featured. This will again help you to attract more traffic and followers as well as advertise the product/service you are dealing with.

Intriguing captions

Another way to influence the people of Instagram is to write meaningful captions with a story because people love stories. If you share a personal incident related to the content of the photo, people will instantly connect with it.

As you are planning to increase your business via Instagram, following these strategies will definitely increase your brand presence. Above all, have fun on Instagram because this will ultimately help you attain the objective of connecting with people and enhancing your brand presence.